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Something About Steam!

Steam is an online content distribution platform, rights management and communication developed by Valve and available since 12 September 2003. oriented around video games, it allows users to buy games, content for the games, the update automatically, manage multi-player party games and provides community tools around games using Steam. Since October 2012, a service dedicated to software 3. Steam counted in February 2015 more than 125 million utilisateurs4 and over 5000 jeux5. For the user, Steam comes in the form of software to download and install on their computer, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or GNU / Linux. Steam, in a more limited version is also available on iOS and Android since January 2012. These applications allow users to log into their account to access the online store, communicate with friends and, of course, launch games installed through Steam. Note that related to Steam games can also be launched by a dedicated shortcut, but this has the effect of launching Steam if it's not already. At the first use of a game (for activation) or for certain titles, with each use, a number of information is exchanged with the Steam servers. Therefore, an internet connection is required to play certain games. At first start, it is necessary to connect to an existing account or create one. Once connected, the user can access its games and services offered by Steam. The customer has different sections corresponding to the main features provided by Steam: game libraries, online stores, social network ...